Abortion Rights

As a mom of three kids who has had two medically necessary abortions, I understand the importance of making reproductive healthcare free and accessible for everyone.  That’s why I’m fighting to:

  • Make New York a true abortion sanctuary. In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court striking down Roe v. Wade, New York passed several “abortion sanctuary” laws. These laws are intended to protect people traveling here from anti-abortion states to seek reproductive healthcare. However, the state legislature still hasn’t passed the Reproductive Freedom and Equity Program, which would help fund healthcare costs, travel costs, and other related expenses for anyone seeking an abortion. This critical abortion rights bill is one of my top priorities and I’m committed to co-sponsoring it on my first day in office. 


  • Codify abortion rights. I support the Equality Rights Amendment (on the November 2024 ballot for voters to approve), which would codify reproductive rights and a ban on pregnancy discrimination in the New York State Constitution.


  • Pass the New York Health Act. This legislation would create a statewide, single-payer healthcare system that covers reproductive healthcare for everyone and ensures that no one pays a dime for their care.

Compare to Didi Barrett’s record:

Barrett has still not co-sponsored the Reproductive Freedom and Equity Program—the most important abortion rights bill currently pending in the state legislature. This is despite more than fifty of her Democratic colleagues in the Assembly having signed onto the legislation. We have to ask: Where’s Didi?

As more Republican states restrict reproductive rights with each passing day, we don’t have time to waste. We must make New York a true abortion sanctuary. That’s why I’m committed to co-sponsoring this critical legislation on my first day in office.