My platform is shaped by my experiences as a lifelong Hudson Valley resident and working-class Black mom, as well as my decade of professional work serving my community as a youth, criminal justice reform , and affordable housing advocate, as well as on the Columbia County Board of Supervisors.

Whether it’s in my day job, my community organizing, or my role as a local elected official, I’ve always put community first. I’m ready to continue that work on behalf of Assembly District 106.


Whether you own or rent, a safe home is a human right.


We should all be able to afford to live in New York.


Fighting for a Green New Deal for the Hudson Valley.


Healthcare is a human right, not a privilege.


There’s no better investment than our kids.

Gun Safety

Gun violence is a problem we don’t have to live with.

Abortion Rights

Reproductive healthcare must be free and accessible for everyone.

Rural New York

 We must reinvest in our rural communities.


It should work for everyday New Yorkers, not greedy billionaires.


We must build power in our workplaces to win higher wages and better conditions.


We must support the farmers who feed our families and economy.


The best way to reduce crime is to invest in our communities.


The folks who built our communities deserve to stay in them.

Immigrant Rights

No human being is illegal.

LGBTQ+ Rights

We must stand against the far-right’s war on LGBTQ+ people.


Veterans deserve support building vibrant lives.