Exclusive: Working Families Party endorses Claire Cousin for a Hudson Valley Assembly seat

City & State New York

“Taking on an incumbent who has been in office for a decade is no easy feat, but Claire Cousin is not one to shy away from a challenge.”

Disputes About Race and Party Strategy Shape N.Y. Democratic Primaries

New York Times

“‘This is absolutely the right time for change,’ said Claire Cousin, 31, a mother of three who is challenging Assemblywoman Didi Barrett in the Hudson Valley. She said her own struggle to pay rent while running for office captured the problems that working-class people faced”

20 Questions With Claire Cousin

The New Pine Plains Herald

“I want [voters] to reimagine what a politician is supposed to look like and is supposed to do, and to think of what it would mean to have somebody with an open-door policy, somebody who shares similar experiences with them, shares similar struggles and understands what they’re going through across the district.”

Challenger Claire Cousin focuses campaign on issues

The Millerton News

“What I’m bringing to the Assembly is the strong quality of an organizer. I’m bringing the tact that it takes to work across party lines to get things done on behalf of constituents.”

Candidate for NY Assembly 106th dist. talks issues


The activist and Columbia County Board of Supervisors member says her focus is on issues that working families face, like herself. “As a candidate, I’m facing housing insecurities throughout this campaign,” said Cousin.

Reproductive Freedom and Equity Program will ensure everyone can access care

Times Union

“The Reproductive Freedom and Equity Program would have made a huge difference for me when I was struggling to make ends meet and worried that a high-risk pregnancy could end my life… It was a struggle even to get the abortion care I needed… This shouldn’t have been the case for me, and it shouldn’t be the case for anyone else.”

Letter to the Editor: For housing solutions, elect housing activist Claire Cousin

Michael McKee

“The Hudson Valley’s untenable housing crisis will not be addressed until the region is represented by legislators who are willing to stand up to corporate real estate interests.”

Letter to the Editor: Didi Barrett is no friend to labor—but Claire Cousin will be

Rob Pinto, Poughkeepsie

“I have been eager for someone who really engages with working class issues to challenge Didi. I could not dream of a better candidate than Claire Cousin. Claire is a working class candidate who eats, sleeps, and breathes her community. She consistently shows up for working people and offers an open line of communication unlike any elected official I’ve ever seen, checking in weekly to see what we need.”

Letter to the Editor: A vote for Claire Cousin is a vote for home care

Reverend Gail Burger, Staatsburg

“Claire is a former homecare worker with a deep understanding of the invaluable role caregivers play. She has already committed to supporting Fair Pay for Home Care and a higher minimum wage. It’s clear that Claire will fight for the care our families deserve in a way Assemblymember Barrett has not.”

Letter to the Editor: Claire Cousin is the climate candidate

Jessica Brown, Hillsdale

“If we are going to have any hope of combatting the climate crisis, we must take action as soon as possible. That means going to the polls on June 25th and electing an Assembly member who will actually fight for our planet. I hope you will join me in supporting Claire Cousin for NY State Assembly.”

Letter to the Editor: Our representatives failed us, it’s time for a change

Bill Kish, Millerton

“Because I believe strongly that we must take action to minimize the worst impacts of climate change to ensure New Yorkers aren’t forced to pay for the gas industry’s mess, I’ve decided to support Claire Cousin in her bid to replace Barrett in the Democratic primary. Claire has vowed to refuse gas industry donations and to hold polluters accountable. We know where Didi’s loyalties lie, I’m betting on Claire to be part of a new generation in Albany.”

Letter to the Editor: Claire Cousin will protect the environment, not pander to polluters

Richard S. Corenthal, Canaan

“I am a labor attorney who cares deeply about working people’s interests and the future of our planet. In my experience representing unions, including Professional Fire Fighters, I have been convinced our current Assemblymember, Didi Barrett, does not share the same values or understand what working people need. That’s why I’m voting for her opponent, Claire Cousin, in the Democratic primary on June 25th.”

Letter to the Editor: Why I am voting for Democrat Claire Cousin in the primary

Suzette Linch, Poughkeepsie

“Most politicians use vague language and a platform of platitudes. Claire’s campaign is refreshingly specific… Claire plans to expand STAR, providing needed relief for working class homeowners…Let’s make New York a place that serves the people, not big business. Didi Barrett has had over a decade to show us who she is. I’m ready for change. I’m voting for Claire Cousin for New York State Assembly.

Letter to the Editor: Support for Claire Cousin as next assemblymember

Jordan Schmidt, Pine Plains

“As both a farmer and resource provider at a local community center, the people I work with often express disillusionment with a Democratic party that recruits wealthy donors…Canvassing for Claire’s campaign, I’m heartened by the number of young people and the wide base she’s mobilized across the district.”

Union rallies to protect Social Security, Medicare

Daily Gazette

“Working-class people should not have to wait until 69 to retire, said Claire Cousin, Hudson 1st Ward supervisor, and state Assembly candidate, at the rally. ‘I worked as a teacher’s assistant, a home health aide, a nurse, CNA, grocery clerk, housing organizer and more. I know what it looks like to be on your feet, wearing down your body to make ends meet. If you tell me that I have to wait until I’m 69 to retire, those are fighting words.'”

As state plans to match campaign contributions, elections heat up

Times Union

“It’s sending a clear message that folks like myself have a more fair opportunity to run a competitive race,” said Cousin, who is backed by the Working Families Party.”

Opinion: No Housing Deal Without Statewide Good Cause Eviction

Kingston Wire

“Politicians are meant to represent our interests, not the real estate industry’s. For too long, elected officials have sided with lobbying groups like the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) instead of renters. It appears they are poised to do that once again based on the tenor of budget negotiations.”