Hudson Valley farmers don’t just feed our families, they drive the upstate economy. That’s why I’m fighting to:

  • Protect small farms. Folks running small-scale and early-stage farms should have the opportunity to receive tax benefits for agricultural land use that sustains our state. The Agricultural Land Use bill would allow smaller farms to qualify for land assessments that would support these farmers in protecting their land and securing the resources they need to grow.


  • Source from local farms. In addition to passing Universal School Meals so none of our children go hungry, we must make sure we’re sourcing from local farms and investing in upstate.


  • Protect farmworkers. The people who feed New York are some of the state’s most exploited workers. I’ll always stand with farmworkers against Big Agriculture to protect their rights to organize and demand better benefits, such as a lower overtime threshold.

Compare to Didi Barrett’s record:

During her decade in office, Barrett has failed small farmers by:

  • Consistently siding with Big Agriculture in opposing the lowering of the sixty-hour overtime threshold for farmworkers.