Gun Safety

As a mom of three, I drop my kids off at school every day wondering if they’ll make it home safely. Gun violence is a problem we don’t have to live with. That’s why I’m fighting to:

  • Preserve our existing landmark gun safety laws. Unlike my opponent, I have always supported strengthening gun safety legislation with “red flag” laws, waiting periods, and safe storage requirements to keep firearms out of children’s hands.


  • Ensure kids can’t access handguns. There is more we can do to ensure the safe storage of firearms, including increasing safety training requirements for gun owners.


  • Establish a waiting period for all gun sales. Waiting periods have been shown to reduce gun deaths by suicide and homicide, and are an important precaution to prevent impulsive acts of violence involving firearms.

Compare to Didi Barrett’s record:

During her decade in office, Barrett has voted with Republicans against most of New York’s landmark safety gun measures, including: